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Red granite quarry  in the Rocky Mountains

production of dimension stone and aggregate 

REF 180510

Established in 1947, Red granite quarry has been family owned & operated for 68 years. 

Active fully licensed quarry plus extraordinary stone production 


7’ Sawing Systems diamond wire saw

5’ Sawing Systems diamond wire saw

Bridge Saw


variety of finishes including; polish, hone, water jet and leather.

14” Crown Construction automatic top polisher

Water-jet Channeling Machine

The DJL water-jet channeling machine uses extreme high pressure water to cut channels in the quarry to relieve blocks from the mountain used in the quarrying process for 30 years. It is unique in its ability to cut rooms in the mountain to get to the best stone. All other alternative processes require the operator to quarry from the top of the mountain down removing everything as they quarry the mountain. 

Water-jet Surfacing

This is a textured finish used primarily for outdoor applications such as pavers and panels. As an alternative to flaming the water-jet surface provides a safe walking surface, which does not jeopardize any color or structural integrity of the stone. It is offered in coarse, medium and fine.


A guillotine is used to chop stone for a beautiful rock pitched face.

7’ Chris Cutter with 16” opening

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Sales price  $ 4,99 M  USD 



REF 180620

Successfully operating licensed pit in favourable location close to California line. The subject includes 59.52 acres, water rights, and three buildings currently operating as a cement batch plant.

The  geologic  and  engineering  evaluation  of  the  

site  focused  on  the  subsurface  materials'  suitability  in the following  order  for  construction  aggregate  products:  

Portland  cement  concrete  (PCC)  Coarse  Aggregate

Asphalt  Aggregate, Aggregate  Base, Utility  Backfill

Drain  Backfill, Structural  Fill

Property contains  several  developed  improvements including  a  scale/residence  house,  maintenance  shop, concrete  plant,  asphalt  plant,  and  several  silos  and  water tanks. 

Asking price                        $ 10.00 M  USD

East Coast

Fully operational marble quarry - dimension stone 

The land and related asset base included in the quarry sale is substantial and adds value ; 500 +/- acres of land with extensive freshwater and forestry resources , over 100 million tons of limestone and marble reserves , wind power generation capacity , and a gateway to the North Mountain wilderness area with scenic vistas and views.    

Material :    [  percentage of colors  - percentage 1st and second quality ] Primary colors are red, pink and gray . Quarried material was targeted on reds and pinks, Percentage = 40% red, 30% gray, 30% pink. First quality large commercial blocks 25%, second quality 75%

Land : The real property consists of 9 parcles of land with a combined area of 474 acres  [ 192 ha.] In addition to the quarry the property contains large forested areas, springs and waterfalls.

Permits : The quarry has all required permits for operation ; an Industrial Activity Permit, an Environmental Assessment Registration, Mining Leases and exploration lisences.

Former Company Staff details: The quarry , processing plant and office had a maximum combined total of 23 employees during the peak of operations, sales and marketing. There are currently trained , local staff available for quarry operations.

Quantity of annually quarried blocks years 2010-2016 : As referenced above the quarry was on stand by from 2011 to present. During prior production years the average production was 25,000 metric tons of quarried stone yielding 3000 tons of finished blocks. 

Estimated maximum quantity of blocks production : This is a large, vertical and linear deposit that would lend itself to the development of multiple quarry faces in the same deposit. It could support annual production rates in the 10,000 + ton range for commercial blocks with appropriate equipment and labour.

Quarry Production Capacity


■  The large, open quarry structure will allow for the rapid expansion to multiple faces to increase production.

■  The quarry floor can be expanded vertically and horizontally to move from three to six operating faces.

■  The quarry works with the deposit’s natural fracture patterns and spatial colour distribution to allow for the maximum recovery of consistent commercial blocks in the colour range.

■  Any investment will build on the existing structure to accelerate the expansion of the existing faces , increase the vertical depth of the quarry and improve production and recovery rates.

■  A zero waste strategy will include the conversion of by-product or waste into saleable products; crushed material for composite stone and tile manufacture from smaller blocks.

Crushing and Screening plant at site : There is no crushing or screening plant on site. The material was test crushed and screened off site with positive results. 


Month of operation : The quarry operated year round on two occasions however it is safer to assume  9 months of operations due to typical winter conditions.


Sales :   The quarry was on stand by for the years 2011-2016. Total sales prior to the shut down were $2.5 Million.in all markets ; Italy, Russia and China with retail sales in Canada and USA.     

Intellectual Property :  The sale includes all sales and marketing data, contact databases, marketing materials , photography, Trade Show booth materials , quarrying and processing technical reports, geological data , test results etc.

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UPDATED sales price   $ 4,8 M  USD

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East Coast
New England

Fully operational quarry - dimension stone 

REF 190513

Goshen stone - Massachusetts landscaping stone

42 acres licensed quarry land 

20 Mio tons of reserves - local quarry evaluation report available.

Quarry comes with equipment/machines and production for Patio Stone, Steps, Wall Stones, fire places, and boulders for landscaping.


Mica Schist from the Goshen Formation is a layered stone with flecks of mica and has variable shades of grey with mineral oxides. It is avery popular stone in New England and New York and used in numerous prestigious projects.

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UPDATED sales price USD $ 998.000 USD 

Financing available or long term lease negotiable

included in salesprice :

Fully operational quarry - dimension stone 

REF 180621

Indiana limestone - dimension stone and aggregate

Colors yellow and gray

NOVEMBER, 2019 -  updated   

118 Total Acres quarry land 

80 acres virgin mining area in Lawrence county

207 Mio cbft of reserves - Core drillings available 

Indiana limestone is chemically pure and consistent, being composed of >97% calcite. The combination of these physical and chemical characteristics make it the highest quality quarried limestone in the United States. 

UPDATED sales price   $ 1.9 M  USD

Financing available or long term lease negotiable

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